Friday, September 30, 2011


I have encountered some truly compassionate and wonderful people over the past few weeks.  People that have given me encouragement and support while being overdue.  Thank you, Jesus, for these people.

I have also met those "well-meaning" people who start off a conversation with affirmation which then spirals into negative remarks and birth horror stories.  Those I could do without.

I am know not taking any phone calls from certain persons nor do I want to go out in public where I will encounter these folks.  I just want to stay home and do my thing and stay in my "happy place." 

However, please pray for my mother who arrived recently to help take care of Pearl.  She was not prepared for Pearl's terrible three's and she is a mom which "entitles" her to worry about me.  I am trying to curb her concern about me being overdue with the Dr's good report from yesterday.

Report: Babe is head down and engaged, cervix is ready though I'm only dilated to 1 (as of yesterday).  So hoping for some contractions to come together and get this show on the road.  Babe's heartbeat sounded good and lots of good movement.  So Dr was pleased and hopefull for a weekend baby.  If by Monday she hasn't gotten here, he might want to have a talk about intervening...

So your prayer request is to pray this little babe down and out:)  That she arrives over the weekend and we don't need interventions.  Thank you!!


domenicoandsonia said...

Maybe Princess is just waiting for a good Saints' feast day to be born .... today would be a lovely day...the feast day of St.Therese of Lisieux. :-) I am praying for you!!!!!

antonia said...

I know just what you mean about horror birth stories; my advice is to totally ignore them.
Be positive; trust the Lord who made your body that it will work just as it was created to.

My C-section birth was so peaceful and happy!
My VBAC-with-pitocin-induction birth story....increadible!

prayers for a weekend baby....but if not and you have to be induced then dont be scared. I was very scared of being induced, but it `was a beautiful birth!

lots of love during this time of waiting...


ps- i know what you mean about trying toddlers..!!!