Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the Fence

So we are utilizing our state's free preschool program for Pearl this year.  After almost two months in, I can say that I am on the fence about pulling her out and bringing her home for pre-k. 

She really enjoys going, but I've been seeing some behavior that I'm really struggling with.  So I'm on the fence about taking her out and really working on this at home.  Sigh.

I have a pre-k program I can use, just need to get some arts stuff ready to go with it.  Our financial resources are low right now, so this would have to be really minimal.  No additional purchases.  but I think we could do it.  I am praying right now for discernment in this and that DH's and my hearts would be aligned and one on this.  St. Therese, pray for us.

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Melanie B said...

Other than keeping a few art supplies in stock, we didn't spend anything for pre-K. Nor did we do a formal curriculum. I think at that age what children really need is to read a bunch of books with someone and explore their world freely and spend a lot of time outside. They need someone to listen to them and talk to them and they need real work to do around the house, just little jobs to help you with whatever you are doing like folding washcloths or measuring ingredients or washing the floor. Pre-schools need structure and curriculum because of the student teacher ratio; but at home I don't think you really need to try to replicate the pre-school experience.

Anyway, praying for your discernment and peace with your decision whatever you decide.