Saturday, September 8, 2012


We continue our journey with food sensitivities at our house.  I though perhaps Pearl could handle some wheat so I slowly re-introduced it last week.  After three days she developed eczema rashes in all her usual spots.  So out wheat goes.

I have had stomach issues for years and after much reading came across a key.  Someone wrote about giving up dairy and seeing how I feel. Amazing!  It is super hard at first and I have had a few slips, but the payback is miserable.  So I've just made up my mind that it's not worth it.  So dairy free for me and wheat free for Pearl. 

Pretty much I've been looking at the Paleo diet, modified a bit for us, as a way that we can all eat well and I'd only have to cook one thing:)

So I'm gathering up menus and recipes and seeing what I can sort out for our family.  We have a few friends in similar boats and that is a great comfort to me to have companions on this journey:)

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Kim said...

Good luck! A friend of mine needed to be dairy free because of horrible GI issues. Glad that you are starting to feel better. :)