Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Late October Daybook

Outside My Window: It is still dark and cold!!  Today we get a treat of cool days before we climb back up to 80.

I Am Thinking: like always, how I can do things better.  More efficiently, totally, wholly present.

Attitude of Gratitude: "God doesn't ask me to be perfect, He asks me to Praise." Read this recently at A Holy Experience and it is really resonating in my heart.  Amen!

In the School Room: This week's lessons focus on Safety, Firemen and Policemen, continuing learning address, phone number, how to ask for help.  I'm hoping we can do something crafty this week.  Coming back from a week of food poisoning, I'm ready to get back in it.

Celebrating the Liturgical Year: Thursday is the Feast of All Saints!  We will attend Mass and then have a small party with our playgroup right afterwards.

From the Kitchen: Lots of leftovers from this weekend's Octoberfest.  Everything was delicious.  We also tried a new recipe: Caramel Sticky Buns, that are grain free.  They are super yummy and getting added into my maked goods recipe file.

I Am Working On: lining up supplies for All Saints Day.  A few moms stepped forward to help, but I need a few more things.

I Am Creating: Advent lists.  Plans, book lists, Meal plans, gifts...lots of lists.

I Am Going: to the nursing home this week.  The children do a costume parade for the residents and it is super cute.  It's the only Halloween type event we do and it is so sweet.

I Am Hoping: that a lot gets accomplished this week.  I was totally out of commission during the food poisoning week and I now feel really behind.  I don't think I really am, but it just feels that way.

I Am Praying: For special intentions of friends, for our country, and for recovery for a friend's little one from surgery.

I Am Reading: I was reading The Happiness Project but I just got notice from the library that I can't re-check out any more times.  So time to bring it back and then put it on hold again:)

Words to Ponder:

“We are born to love, we live to love, and we will die to love still more.”

St. Joseph Cafasso

I Am Listening: to a lot of classical music during morning lessons and then jazz when I'm in the kitchen in the afternoons.  Noticing that I'm making it more of a habit.

Around The House: Time to clean up from the weekend's fun.  Every year we host an Octoberfest for DH's bible study guys and their families.  It is pretty awesome.  This year's highlights included some incredible food and beer selection, all the littles playing together outside on the swingset, a game of bocce ball played in our pasture, littles roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, a big bonfire, chilly temps, a blazing pink sunset that took over the entire sky, and everybody trooping in close to midnight to watch the end of game 3 of the World Series.

Favorite Things: Princess's belly laughs are hilarious; they are so deep and loud.  Pearl's enthusiasm for all things and her excitement about activities.  She is definitely more of my social butterfly and looks forward to events with great anticipation.

This Week's Plans:
Costume Parade with the nursing home residents
All Saints Day Mass and Party
Princess's well-child appointment

Glimpse Into My Day:

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