Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In hope

Honestly, I struggle with the virtue of hope. 

My temperment is that of melancholic-choleric.  So I tend to "get focused on someting and work hard at it and then get crushed when it doesn't happen exactly like my ideal."

So last night as the election results came in....yeah.

Severl of my friends had lovely facebook statuses about the call to be a witness right now and how really as we stand and profess our Faith, we will be persecuted and the reality of it comes closer and closer.

It was bolstering as I tried to fall asleep.

This morning as I awoke and the reality washed over me again and the emotions of fear and trepidation crept back into my heart, I made the decision to pray morning prayer.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for that little nudge to do so.  Today's Lauds can be found here.

Give joy to your servant, Lord, for to you I lift up my soul.

God be with us!

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