Monday, November 12, 2012

Things That Catch Your Eye

Yesterday while driving with my littles, Pearl noticed that a neighborhood near ours already had Christmas decorations up and asked why.

I couldn't answer and just said they were really early.  She giggled and said, "Really early, before Thanksgiving!"

It kind of irritated me, those early decorations...I like to celebrate each season as it comes.  But I put it out of my head for the day and moved on with my tasks.

Today I found out why that neighborhood is already decorated.

A little 5 year girl, who lives, in that neighborhood, passed away after battling an inoperable brain tumor.  Our community has rallied behind this family for many months and I just got this news.  The neighborhood decided to make her last days a little bit brighter since Caitlin loved the lights.

Please pray for the repose of her soul, her family, and our community.  Thank you.

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