Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Early January Daybook

Outside My Window: Rain clouds moving in this afternoon, but clear expected the rest of the week.  Temps rising to the high 70's.  I was hoping for a longer bout of cool weather.

I Am Thinking: about effective discipline.  Pearl is 4 1/2 and starting to act it:)  Really praying about how to reach her heart. Princess is 15 months and a true choleric...very determined and persistent with her tasks.  Currently these include scaling every piece of furniture we own, ripping up books, and throwing tantrums if she doesn't get her way.

                                                                   (Feast of St. Lucy)

Attitude of Gratitude: Continuing to count my gifts

In the School Room: Books about winter, cold and ice. Haha.  Well we can use our imaginations.

Celebrating the Liturgical Year: Planning the playdate calendar for the spring for our church playgroup.  Lots of faith activities on the books.  This month we will celebrate the Feast of St. John Bosco.

From the Kitchen:

Sunday: Crockpot roast chicken, rice, and roasted kale
Monday: Beef taco's with black beans and homemade salsa
Tuesday: Chicken stirfry over riced cauliflower
Wednesday: Hamburgers and Homefries
Thursday: Chicken Taco Soup
Friday: Spaghetti Marinara and veggies
Saturday: Spicy Pumpkin Chili

I Am Working On: Budgets.  The budget is the most pressing thing right now for our family.  Keeping at it in order to plan for the future.  (I'm looking for an accountability buddy to walk with.  Praying for discernment there.  A close friend that we can encourage each other on this journey.  An outside set of eyes to help keep us honest:)
                                              (before leaving for the Christmas Vigil Mass)

I Am Creating: a pile of dresses for the girls that I would like to make-over.  We've been given some lovely dresses that are tank style tops.  I'm planning to remove the tops and pick up a few t-shirts that I can sew in.

I Am Going: on a nature walk this week with the kids. We've been enjoying a nearby park each month to see how things change through the seasons.
                                                                  (my birthday bouquet)

I Am Hoping: that the budget comes together and we are able to make headway with our goals and in particular for two special intentions.  Would you pray for us? Thank you.

I Am Praying:  For Jennifer, for Sarah, and for our two special intentions.

                                                            (my "morning glories")

I Am Reading: Dressing With Dignity I've gone over Colleen's website before but finally decided to pick up her book.  I've just started but there are certain things resonating in my soul about convictions I've long held but haven't been (brave enough) to implement.

I Am Listening: Football on TV. I'm not invested in these games since our Steelers are out, but I still like to follow the playoffs.  I really enjoy the spiritual side of sports.  That it takes discipline, faith, hard work, motivation, joy, etc. The headlines are always about the athletes that mess things up, but there are many more that are quite inspiring.

Around The House: My coatrack!!  It's finally up.

                                                              (the coatrack!)

Favorite Things: Twinkly lights on the Christmas tree, listening to the rain on our metal rook, finding the cilantro (finally) growing in the garden, playing hide and seek with giggly girls, finding a little time to read (such a pleasure).
                                              ("brown paper packages tied up with string")

This Week's Plans: Start back with our themed pre-k readings, playgroup get together, put away some Christmas village pieces so our school room has more space, prepare outfits for an upcoming wedding we are attending.

Glimpse Into My Day:


Kim said...

If you want cooler weather, come up here! We're in a heatwave of low 30's. ;)

I really like your idea of an accountability buddy for the budget. I wonder if that would help us and our budget. Prayers, prayers.

domenicoandsonia said...

Precious pictures! Princess has grown more since the last time we saw her!!

We struggle with budget too. I will keep you in my prayers!

Hugs & prayers,