Monday, January 14, 2013

In the Kitchen

So with Pearl's wheat sensitivity, my food intolerances, and Princess showing signs of dietary issues as well, we really have changed the way we eat around here the last 2 years.

Someone had recommended that I go dairy-free after seeing similar symptoms and it has made a dramatic difference in my health.  I HAVE to be in when I have a little bit my stomach is cramping within 15 minutes of eating it.  Clearly there is an issue there.  I also feel better when I'm grain free and eat limited amounts of nightshades.  That means watching my salsa intake.

Folks, I'm the girl that actually gave up salsa for lent one year because I was eating a jar a day.  Only one jar because I couldn't afford two.

Except when they were BOGO. But I digress.

So basically this means that we are a mostly Gluten-Free household (DH still eats Gluten)and leaning more and more toward Paleo.

What is Paleo?

So many resources out there and now on my pinterest culinary board of how our family can start eating safely and satisfyingly.

Some recent dishes (that were a hit!) have included:

-Ground Beef and Diced onion over Mashed Cauliflower topped with a homemade gravy (thickened beef broth)

-Paleo Pumpkin Muffins (the girls and I devoured these, though DH thought there was too much clove. Will adjust in future)

-Uncle Kylan's salsa.  Family recipe and I haven't been given permission to share it.  Suffice to say that the girls could eat it with a spoon and sometimes do.

-St. James Almond Cake: A treat we've made for special feast days.  We all love the taste and Pearl likes to create a design for us to sift powdered sugar a shell for her baptismal anniversary, a heart for the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We still are using rice and potatoes, sometimes quinoa, but I'm trying to lessen their menu impact and stay mostly paleo, as much as I can.

Time to get started in the garden.  We need more produce to meet our family's needs!

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Jeni said...

I remember the year you gave up salsa actually!

I could never do paleo unless I truly had to health wise. Even still.

But that almond cake sounds really intriguing... :)