Monday, May 20, 2013

Easing into Summer, Quick Takes

1. Happy Pentecost!  We are celebrating with friends for a "Family Fellowship" afternoon. We are going to play "Catch the Fire," make Tongues of Fire hats and share dinner together.  Menu--A Taco Bar, 12 Fruits of the Spirit Salad, and a birthday cake.

2. Pearl is calling all of her baby dolls, "Lucy."  I'm thinking it's from Chronicles of Narnia since we've been listening to the books on tape this past week.

3.  My motto for this upcoming school year as Pearl begins Kindergarten is "Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic, and Religion." Everything else is just bonus:)  But those are definitely the focus: Math, Language Arts and Religion.  We will be doing two co-ops and speech therapy.  I'm hoping to take a few days each week this summer and create a morning routine that we can ease into and particularly get Princess ready for this.  Also checking folks and Pinterest for ideas to keep her busy.

4. We are on a bit of a fairy kick with the Andrew Lang Fairy books, other Fairy Tales....and even a bit of Tinkerbell:)  Have you listened to Andrew Pudewa's talk--"Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination?"  So GREAT!

5. Swim lessons start this week for both girls.  Princess is really young but quite intrepid when it comes to water so we'll give her a go.

6. The Garden is coming along nicely.  Some zucchini will be ready soon and the green beans are now producing.  Tomatoes, bell peppers and the jalapeno are yielding too.  We planted two types on sunflowers this year--Mammoth and dwarf.  Yup, that was fun:) The Mammoth ones are about 7 feet tall and haven't even bloomed yet~

7. This upcoming weekend is Ordination weekend for our Diocese and we are planning on going and celebrating our dear friend B, and the other 3 ordinands.  Lots of friends coming in from out of town and several parties to attend.  Busy, busy and then we transition into summertime.

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