Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Quick Takes

1.  DH's job transition continues.  We continue to pray and trust that this is His will for us.  It will take some getting used to, but there is peace in this new venture.

2. A few weeks ago we took a vacation.  Sort of.  We have a timeshare and we decided to use it close to home to continue to save for a summer trip to attend my best friend's final vows up North.  So we got a timeshare on the other side of town near all the theme parks.  It had LOTS of pools and playgrounds, mini golf, children's activities, etc.  We also have a friend who works at Disney and she used one of her employee passes (they get so many for the year) which enabled our whole family to get in for free for the day.  We spent the morning at Animal Kingdom and the afternoon at Epcot.  Epcot is by far, my favorite park.  It was the flower and garden show too, so that was a double bonus!

3. Our garden is exploding right now.  Everything is shooting up, lots of flowers on the plants which mean FOOD is on its way.  Pearl and I are spending this week on Plants as per her Little Saints Curriculum.  So we measured the sunflowers she planted.  We measured at the beginning of the week and we'll measure again at the end and see how much they grow this week.  I've started to try and make something in the kitchen that goes with our theme each week.  So tomorrow we'll be making Ratatouille.

4. I've been praying for awhile now about returning the veil for Mass.  In college I attended a Tridentine Latin Mass Community and veiled.  but I've always felt uncomfortable veiling in Novus Ordo Parishes.  However, I've noticed more ladies in my Parish wearing headcoverings...maybe 8 ladies total, but was still encouraged.  So I purchased a few light hats (for Florida summers!) and a new darker colored veil as well as some smaller ones for the girls.

5. I started a 24 day challenge.  My goal is not weight loss, but energy and maximum nutrition for my body in hopes for optimal fertility.  Trying really hard to stay true to the plan.  DH asked me what it suggests for meals and I told him.  He said "that's what you normally eat." True.  I've made many changes this last year to see if it helps my tummy issues.  There is a HUGE difference when I include grains and dairy in my diet.  So huge that mentally, even though I love cheese, I can't make myself eat any knowing the pain it will cause.

6. I am pouring over Homeschool curricula, ideas, inspiration, and tips for school with little ones underfoot. Pearl and I will continue the PAL program over the summer as well as Math.  We'll finish Little Saints in just a few weeks and then start some rabbit trails with our picture books and read alouds.  A few other moms and I are planning to get together and go over next years plans and the formation of a Little Flowers group and Blue Knights.

7. My mom continues to have health concerns.  If you could keep her in prayer, I would be so grateful!


Kim said...

Sending prayers. That cloche is so CUTE. :)

Jeni said...

Prayers for your mama! And I love that veil. I have eyed that a while myself, but I'm no where near being put together enough to veil. I barely remember to get the kids out the door to add anything else to think about ;) but love it!

domenicoandsonia said...

I saw your comment posted on another blog and it made me check in here to see how things are going. I pray you and the family are doing well. Cute pictures! Your girls are so adorable! We're planning a potential trip to MO in about 2 weeks, when I get back we need to plan a few play dates over the summer. We miss you gals! Maybe we can get Lisa and her kiddos to join us as well. =)

Hugs, love and prayers,

domenicoandsonia said...

BTW, love the veil too, and have been praying (discerning) about getting one for Mass as well. Maybe reading your blog is a "sign". =)