Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Road Trip

We've returned from our two week summer road trip! was so much fun but also a bit exhausting.  We got to see so many people--family and friends along our way.

Lots of cousin time.

We got to visit Lancaster Co. PA, which I've never been to before.  The girls loved seeing the Amish way of life.  We got to visit a gourmet popcorn business, a dairy farm, Kitchen Kettle shops, and took a day trip to Gettysburg, PA.  Gettysburg is celebrating it's 150th anniversary this year so that was super special.  Pearl became a Jr. Ranger by completing some activities.  She is quite proud of her badge and certificate and is now helping everyone around her "be safe!"

The culmination of our trip took us to Stamford, CT, where we got to witness my best friend from Kindergarten, Sr. Giovanna Mariae of the Sisters of Life, make her final profession of vows.  So incredibly beautiful and moving!  Our little high school group all made it and another from our youth group.  Lots of her family.  So joyous!

A few things we learned on our trip:

-Sticker books from the dollar store are awesome!
-We packed picnic lunches a few days and stopped at parks along the way.  So fun to eat outside and play on the playset before more driving.
-Bluegrass music puts Princess to sleep...we definitely used that trick a few times.
-Tolls are obscene.  Way too much money for poor quality roads through PA, NJ, and NY
-It was a good thing to have three bags for the trip.  Just repacked in the middle of the trip and could just grab a bag that would cover 3 days at a time.
-Northerners are generally not as friendly as Southerners.  We encountered this all along our way and it continues to be disheartening to me.  Smile, people!  Say Thank you!
-Princess can climb out of the pack and play now.

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