Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great Pop-Pop

When we were an hour away from home on our way back from our "big trip" we were called to find out that my DH's grandfather was likely in his final days.  We got home and re-packed and headed another 2 1/2 hours south in hopes DH could visit him.

We spent the weekend with my in-laws and DH was able to visit his grandfather several times.  We had to go home that Sunday and Grandpa passed away that Monday.  So we really there just in time.

  Since Grandpa wished to be cremated, we just celebrated his funeral Mass this weekend; two weeks after his death.  It was a lovely Mass.  DH and I did the readings and there was a full honor guard by the Knights of Columbus since Grandpa was a 4th degree knight.

Some extended family drove to be here and we had some sweet fellowship late into the night.  Some of the family we hadn't seen since we were married 7 years ago! It was very nice to catch up a bit.

While there were definitely tears, it was a sweet celebration of a life well lived.

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