Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September DayBook

Outside My Window: We've had a few days of rain and that is keeping the temperature still hot, but not unbearably so.  Fall is coming, isn't it?

I Am Thinking: about wardrobes.  How to streamline and simplify for the girls.  I have bins of clothes and I really think I can purge some items out and keep things reasonable. Also what they each need for the upcoming seasons. We've stopped receiving hand-me-downs this year for Pearl.  I have a running list of things to look for (ie: 3 church dresses or jumpers, jeans, khaki's, 2 skirts, and a few tops to mix and match)

Attitude of Gratitude: Grateful for the Sacrament of Confession that DH and I were both able to receive this week, putting the house in order for the Fall season, sisters loving on each other, celebrating Princess's 2nd birthday this weekend in anticipation of her actual birthday this Wednesday, waiting on our first niece to be born in the next few weeks (and my first godchild!)

In the School Room: Some reflecting on what's working for us and how to tweak some things this Fall.  Pearl is doing well with Math and Religion, but I'm thinking we need something for Language Arts.  So mulling things over a bit.

Celebrating the Liturgical Year: This is a heavy hitter week:)
Sunday: Feast of the Archangels...and DH's name day.
Monday: Feast of St. Jerome--Patron of our homeschool co-op. So a special blessing at Mass for the families.
Tuesday: Feast of St. Therese--Pearl is fostering a devotion to her, so perhaps a special chocolaty treat.
Wednesday: Feast of the Guardian Angels ....and Princess's birthday. I'm thinking chicken wings:)
Friday: Feast of St. Francis of Assisi--Pasta Night
St. Faustina--Haluski (Polish cabbage and noodles dish; we'll make ours GF)

From the Kitchen
Sunday: Chili and toppings
Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Grain-Free French crepes, Fruit Salad
Wednesday: Chicken Wings, veggie and baked potatoes
Thursday: Beefy Rice, Salad
Friday: Pasta Night--GF Noodles in Marinara sauce with Italian Roasted veggies
Saturday: Haluski (Eastern European comfort food:)

I Am Working On: a menu for our Oktoberfest party.  We have it every year with DH's bible study group and a few other friends.  With more allergy families coming this year, need to be extra mindful of options for everyone.

I Am Creating: Advent Plans.  I love making our Advent Calendar!!  Advent Book lists, activities for each day, gifts for the girls, gifts for others....etc.  So fun!

I Am Hoping: that all is going well with our newest little one.  I go in next week for a check-up.  I'm feeling good (in the sense that the morning sickness is kicking my butt this time), but there is still that anxiety of not knowing how babe really is.  The early weeks are the hardest for my anxiety.  Any extra prayers are appreciated!

I Am Praying: For my SIL who is due next week with her first babe and a dear friend local who is due in two weeks with her sixth.

I Am Reading: Not much right now.  The nausea isn't letting me yet.  Hopefully soon though.  I have a stack I'm ready to delve into.

Words to Ponder: This quote Sarah posted.

I Am Listening: Football game.  My in-laws have joined us this weekend to celebrate Princess's birthday early and while the girls nap we get to enjoy(?) Steelers football.

Around The House: Nesting projects.  I've started a list for DH and I to work on for projects to do before the cumbersome parts of late pregnancy.

Favorite Things: Family visiting and the joy we all have together, sweet second birthdays, transitioning into my maternity wardrobe, reading aloud with the girls, watching the girls at their little dance class, the girls playing in the dirt and reveling in it.

This Week's Plans: A special Mass and blessing for our homeschool co-op, our two co-ops, lots of special feast days, get the house and yard ready for the Oktoberfest party.

Glimpse Into My Day:

                                                                    12 weeks

                                                               Princess's 2nd birthday

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