Sunday, October 6, 2013


Today was a special morning.

We did our normal Sunday routine of early Mass with the girls.  We did sit closer to the front, which we are trying out with Miss Princess....we've stayed in the back for awhile since she can be quite the handful.  But we gave it a go this morning and Pearl was excellent.  Wahoo!  Princess did relatively well:)

Afterwards was special though.

Some dear friends have lived away from us for the last 2 years and they just recently moved back a few weeks ago.  We were all chatting with another couple we know too and we just kept talking...and I thought "it would be so nice to just go home and all have brunch." So I invited everybody over and they were all able to come.  We spent the next few hours getting brunch on and just visiting.

Such a gift that fellowship is!!

You miss it while it is gone and you strive to create more community and when folks return they are joyfully welcomed back.  God is Good!

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