Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Re-Cap

As we near the end of October, it seems like days are just slipping by and they will only go by quicker as we enter into the holiday season.

We are 18 weeks now, and while I am still hit with morning sickness at times, it is finally easing up a bit.  This time around has been different.  My sickies included "the shakes"--similar to low blood sugar shakes, but I have been able to eat and keep fluids in, so I know I didn't have blood sugar ALL THE TIME, yet I had the shakes all the time.  Thankfully that has stopped.  I haven't put on much weight but I think that is in part to the fact that this pregnancy I am mostly Paleo since I feel better eating that way. Limited grains and sugar are definitely helping.

We did visit a birth center last week and decided we will switch over to them.

 I also need to get a referral for our diagnostic ultrasound scheduled.  Now that we are able to go and see the babe, I am super antsy to go get a look at this little one.  The girls are excited to go too, so we might make it a special day for the family.

We just concluded the Fall term for one of our co-ops and we really enjoyed it.  We'll start back up in February with a new round of classes and Pearl is super excited.

Pearl: is enjoying all our "outside" activities like co-ops, speech therapy, weekly errands and such.  She definitely likes to be out and about.  She also really loves making up stories and playing with legos.  She and Princess have been really engaging each other in silly games.  School wise--While she fusses at times about doing her math worksheets, she likes to practice math throughout the day and talks about how much she likes it.  Language Arts-We are working at her (and my) pace for reading and writing. Mulling that over.  Lots of read alouds and we are doing Along the Alphabet Path and we all really enjoy the themed units.

I've almost got my Advent daily calendar and lists written up.  Focus on what our activity is, what books we are reading and what additional feast we will celebrate.  I need to correspond my menu plans with those lists though, so everything is on board.

Princess: is quite the handful.  She is always busy and into everything.  Such a sweet girl, but definitely has a stubborn spirit.  We are starting to see the temper tantrums emerge and she will persist and persevere in what she wants.  Very good fine motor control and showing a preference for her left hand as well.  That makes all three of us girls as lefties.  Unusual.  Still tall for her age (90th%) and pretty lean.  Just this week she has started talking about "her baby" and touching my tummy, starting snuggling baby dolls and wanting to wear them in a sling. Cute!

This week we are getting prepared for our church co-op's All Saints Day party and then the following day I am hosting a baby shower for a dear friend.  So lots of errands and prep work to do.

We are entering into my favorite time of year with the cooler fall/winter weather and lots of fun activities.  Yay Fall!

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