Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's a......

We had our 19 week ultrasound yesterday.  I was a little nervous because we are self-pay and the birth center referred us to a place I'd never been before and it was nice, but definitely not fancy.  But our technician was super nice and they do 3D and some 4D pictures, even a DVD of all the pics including some videos they take.  For a very reasonable price.

The girls were a little squirrely due to it being naptime and Princess was wanting a snack and nap big time.  But we made it through.   The tech did all the head measurements first and then asked if we wanted to know gender and Pearl shouted "yes!".  She chuckled and then moved the monitor over and then paused in a closeup.  She asked what DH and I thought baby was.  I looked and then said, "well, that looks very different from my girls' ultrasounds, so I'm thinking boy."  Indeed, a little man is growing along:)

He measures great and it was just the coolest to see him wiggling around, sleeping with his hands above his head like Daddy, trying to suck his thumb, and yawning. Precious!

Pearl was a little miffed at first since she wanted a girl, but a little later she said, "well, since I'm the oldest I get to wrestle him first."  So I think she'll be okay:)

Princess did say "brudder" and she definitely got excited to see the baby moving and hearing his heartbeat.  She loves looking at babies now and is always pointing them out to me.

So sweet!

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