Tuesday, March 18, 2014

38 weeks-ish

Feeling pretty good. Had our 38 week check-up yesterday with the midwife.  I think DH is more anxious than I am about little man arriving.  He was asking the midwife when she thought I'd go into active labor and whether I wanted to be "checked."

I said, No thank you.  Midwife agreed.  She doesn't like to do checks until mama is at her due date; and particularly for someone who has delivered before, she doesn't like early checks.

Her guess is next week, but would like to be proven wrong:)

I am having a lot more contractions, pressure and now feeling like things are effacing and getting ready.  Yay. He definitely feels lower this week and she commented on that as well.  Outwardly checked his position and he is head down and low in the pelvis.  Good position!

The girls are super excited.  Albeit, they started coughing yesterday so I'm not happy about that.

My bag is ready to go with us to the birth center and I've been alternating between bursts of energy and getting things done around the house with feeling super tired.  The heat is just now creeping up and I am starting to swell a bit.  So much better than my summer girls though:)

Today we went out to gather ingredients to make homemade lactation cookies and also stocked the fridge with fresh produce and lunch foods.

Keep us in prayer!

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Kim said...

Covering you in prayer, dear friend! I can't wait for Little Man to arrive, but not any earlier than he needs to be! :)