Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The colds continue

This spring has done a  number on my family.  DH is on his second round of antibiotics and steroid shot; the girls are coughing and goopy; and now I am coughing...

My stomach muscles are so sore and the struggle to breathe got to be too much this close to delivery that I called the birth center and they got me some antibiotics to get started on quickly.  Hopefully this will take care of this mess so I can be rested and ready for labor when it does start.

Signs of things getting set into motion the last few days, so hoping I have a little time to recover before little man decides on a birthday.  I think everyone is ready....except me.  This coughing is wicked and I really don't want to go into labor this way.  But God is Good and His grace is sufficient and sustaining.

Please keep us all in prayer for speeding healing!!

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