Sunday, March 30, 2014

Slowly upward

I think the infection is clearing. Whew!  The girls are much better. DH seems to be making slow progress and I am getting there as well.

Still using mucinex to aid drainage in my head and hopefully break up the chest congestion.  Just a little bit remaining, but it does still stall my breathing a bit.

Little man is putting lots of pressure in my hips; I feel like things are starting to get ready.  Yay!  Still praying for a fast efficient labor once things start actively progressing, but just doing lots of stretching to get comfortable and aid his positioning.  He has been flipping from posterior to anterior randomly.

Pearl was a posterior birth and Princess was an anterior birth.  Much prefer the anterior:)  So lots of stretching and such to get him to be in an ideal way to exit.

Today was nice since we got to Mass together.  First time in two weeks due to the sickies.  We also made it to Confession this week with our Parish Priest.  Hurray!!  That was awesome.  He met with both DH and I and did a special blessing for healing for the whole family since we've been sick pretty much all of March.  He also did an anointing and special prayer of blessing for me as I prepare for childbirth.

Even though we still struggle physically, I felt so much peace after Confession and Anointing.  What a gift!

Keep us in prayer!

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Sonia said...

Just checking in. Thinking of you and see how you are all doing. I'm sorry to hear that you have all been feeling under the weather....especially you! I know how tough it can be because a few days before I went into labor, I came down with strep throat ...NOT fun! I will pray for you all, for good health and a safe and quick delivery!