Saturday, March 8, 2014

Right Now

Late Afternoon; Saturday.

Seeing--Sun filtering through the front picture window bathing the living room in late afternoon light. Two girls snuggling on the couch enjoying Daniel Tiger.

Hearing-DH watching Top Shot from his office.

Smelling--Tomato-Spinach soup simmering on the stove and baked potatoes in the toaster oven.

Tasting--orange juice.  So cold and quenching my pregnancy craving.

Touching--cushy pillow and our leather couch.  Wearing my softest maternity tee and yoga capri's.  So comfy.

Soaking it all in, this moment. Just sweetness surrounding this life.

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antonia said...

Long time no see!! I went off facebook in October and have been thinking about you! I haven't been on blogs for years, but am starting up again now! Congratulations on baby3! What lovely news! I will keep checking your blog!

I have still been blogging, in a quiet way, mainly just updates for distant family to see what we're up to.

take care