Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The "Big Baby Stock-Up"

With this pregnancy I have made a few priorities that I feel the NEED to get done so as to be ready when little man picks his birthday.

The biggest priority has by far been stocking the pantry and freezer for postpartum meals.

With the girls' allergy patterns well established and our adherence to certain dietary avoidance's, I really wanted to be prepared for when I'm not able to be on my feet too much or things are a little crazy in those early weeks.

We avoid gluten and most dairy.  If we do dairy, it is mainly as a topping for DH and Pearl.  Princess and I are completely dairy-free.

Here is what is packed away:

Ground Beef in 1lb. portions
pork loin cut into chops or pieces for stir fry
chicken breasts
pulled pork, already cooked.
Boston Butt Roast, ready to go into the slow cooker
Guacamole single packs (easy to pull out for dips or toppings)
Hearty Hamburger Soup
Pumpkin Pucks
Tater Tots and French Fries
Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Chowder-- sub coconut milk and hold cheese till end and top individual bowls.
Gluten Free Waffles (a treat)

Canned Tomato Products
Chicken and Beef Broth (also some homemade in the freezer)
peanut and almond butter
Applesauce (jar and squeezy packs to take to co-op)
GF and regular noodles (ordered the GF ones from Amazon)
spaghetti sauce

Still to get or make for the freezer:
Gluten Free Chicken Tenders
Grain Free Coconut Flour Muffins--Blueberry
Garlic Soup
Lactation Cookies
Spinach Tomato Soup
Breakfast Egg Muffins
Steam-able Veggies (love when these go on sale; so easy for DH to put together a meal with them)
GF bread (waiting on a deal)

Other items to have on hand:
Toilet Paper
Paper towels
laundry detergent
cleaning wipes
updated medicine cabinet

Fun treat:
I made GF chocolate cupcakes and stuck them in the freezer so we can pull some out when little man is born and have a little birthday party together.  I think the girls will enjoy that.

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