Monday, March 3, 2014

Made it to March

Today we are 36 weeks.  Almost there; I need to get to 37 weeks (next Monday) in order to deliver at the birth center otherwise I'd get sent to the hospital.  Boo.

So, we are praying that I get to the 10th and then all bets are off.  Granted I'm due at the end of March, but for some reason I keep thinking I'll go early.  Maybe all the STUFF I keep doing.  I am not good at not doing things, especially pregnant.  Still doing lots of cleaning, cooking, lifting small children, etc.

Maybe I can rest a week and then pick up my speed again:)

DH and I are battling allergy colds right now.  He is worse off than I am, though.  He went in to the Dr. this morning and had to get a shot and a script for other meds.  I had two tired days and then my energy returned; still sound congested and my ears keep popping, but doesn't seem to be an infection.  I have my weekly midwife appt. today so I thought I would see what she wants to do--meds or no meds.

The girls and I continue to plod along with schoolwork.  I say plod, but really its not.  Pearl is in her next math book and we continue with Along the Alphabet Path (Elizabeth Foss) with our literature reads, lots of Bible Stories, starting Lent this week so moving into that, some handwriting, reading at her pace (this has been going better lately as it's more "Pearl-led" and less mommy forced:)

I'm starting to get my plans together for her 1st grade year, thinking how that will work with an ever eager Princess and a new little man to join our crew.  Getting a supplies/curriculum list together; planning to attend two homeschool conferences (just registered for one!), and thinking of summer plans (trips/visits, conferences, baptism, vacation)

So prayers for us in these next few weeks, getting ready to welcome this little guy. A little nervous about that, but trusting in His plan!

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Kim said...

Oooh, so close! Stay put little man!! I can't wait to see him. Many prayers!!