Monday, February 17, 2014

Stomach Bug

The random stomach bug caught me this week:(

Two days, 5 lbs. lost, dehydrated, almost 34 weeks pregnant.  Wowzers!  That was crazy.  Had to go into the birth center for fluids and monitoring since contractions picked up.  But little man was great and after EVERYTHING evacuated my system, I was able to start fresh and start re-building with foods and fluids.

A little scary and just horrible feeling, but thankfully on the mend.  Trying to rest and restore and look at ways I can slow down these next few weeks.  There still seems like so much to do--mainly: fill the freezer!  I want to double some meals to put aside and get all that ready for the rest of the family.

The other projects are generally making our bedroom a nice cozy post-baby retreat where everything is ready to go for sweet new baby and family snuggles.  So cloth diapers getting prepped, blankets washed and put into baskets; everything lined up.

I also need to get my lesson plans done for our co-ops so I can just hand that all over to a few other mamas.  I'm at that point, where I think I am just ready to be done leading and just things go.  Hard to do, but when I got sick this past Friday, it was so nice to hand it all over and say "good luck!"

I should do that part more often:)

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