Monday, February 3, 2014

Settling Down

We returned late last night from the last trip planned for "before baby."  It was an exhausting weekend in more ways than one and we returned to exhausting work ahead of us.

There is much to be tidied up and put away trip-wise and their are several projects on the books to complete in the next few weeks.

We are 32 weeks now, so anywhere from 5-9 to go-ish.  We'll see when little man decides.

Right now though I am reminded that I need to space out my energy.  Only take one what is crucial and let the rest slide or delegate at home or ask for outside help.

Today is a day where I feel a bit daunted with what is ahead of me.  Preparing our home for a new little one, preparing our hearts for a new little one and for me to prepare to birth this little one...who isn't feeling so little anymore.

One step in front of the other; begging for grace and stamina in the times I am up and for much needed rest when I am able to.

He is Good and His Grace is sufficient.

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