Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Flu Season

We made our acquaintance with the Flu this year.  It's been several years in the making, but Little Man got hit first and went through a 3 day fever before he subsided.  Princess was next 2 weeks later.  Again with 3 days of fever and then you couldn't tell she was sick, but I took her in and they swabbed her and confirmed it was the flu.  I was last (hopefully) on the tail end of Princess.  So Dh manned the house and took care of the crew.  I was only down for one full day and the next day started back slowly into tasks.  Crazy!

A friend has some essential oils for me to check out.  I ran all the linens in the house through the wash and I want to disinfect All.The.Surfaces.  Boo on the Flu!

Thankfully all feeling better now and ready for our last Wednesday co-op of the Spring.  We get a break till September, but our Thursday co op still goes another 2 months.  I taught "Marshmallow Science" on Wednesdays and it was super fun.  We used marshmallows in all our experiments and the kids seemed to really enjoy it all except that I wouldn't let them eat the marshmallows.  Gross!  Everybody had their hands all over them.  So I made them a special s'more cookie bar for tomorrow's last class day to celebrate after our lesson.

I'm waiting to hear from leadership, but they had a need for history classes in the Fall so I might switch gears and help there....since it's my academic background and all:)

Little Man is pushing things all around the house but doesn't want to let go and take solo steps.  It is hilarious to watch.  He will be walking soon.

We unloaded our rooster onto a friend who promptly consumed him for Sunday dinner.  It is so much more peaceful now outside.  The hens don't bother the kids and they are minding me pretty well still.  The hens that is.  6 ladies and getting 3-5 eggs a day right now.  We have a full coop, and I do want to expand a bit.  So back to the planning process to design another coop.  Perhaps a permanent one now.

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