Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Saints Day

Happy All Saints Day!

This evening I will be attending an All Saints Party put on by the Catholic Women's Group Ministry at the nearby college. Attendees are encouraged to bring a dish to share that is somehow symbolically tied to their patron saint and tell a short story about their saint.

I have many whom I consider patron saints, but I decided to pick my "first" patron. When I first understood this delightful catholic custom of choosing a patron saint, one with whom there is a bond.

In High School, I gravitated to Santa Chiara, or St. Clare in the English.

I was so moved by her story...of her being raised in a wealthy family and giving it all up to serve Lord in totality, poverty, and humility.

There is a short story of St. Clare fending off the invading Saracens.

When, in 1234, the army of Frederick II was devastating the valley of Spoleto, the soldiers, preparatory to an assault upon Assisi, scaled the walls of San Damiano by night, spreading terror among the community. Clare, calmly rising from her sick bed, and taking the ciborium from the little chapel adjoining her cell, proceeded to face the invaders at an open window against which they had already placed a ladder. It is related that, as she raised the Blessed Sacrament on high, the soldiers who were about to enter the monastery fell backward as if dazzled, and the others who were ready to follow them took flight. It is with reference to this incident that St. Clare is generally represented in art bearing a ciborium.
Catholic Online

So when deciding what dishes to prepare, I have picked two dishes to make.

1) Monstrance Cookies

I'll make these by using sugar cookies and placing a morsel of white chocolate in the center. I'll probably shape the cookies to look like little monstrances:)

2) A Vegetable Pasta Bake

St. Clare and her sisters were barefoot, lived only on what was given to them, and didn't eat meat. So this pasta bake is suggestive of her italian heritage and order's rules. If asked for, I'll post the recipe.

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antonia said...

wow, monstrance cookies! You really must post pictures of those so we can see what they look like!