Monday, June 29, 2009

Home again

but for how long?

We went and helped my mama get all packed for her move at the beginning of July. We'll be headed back later that month to get her all settled in. Hopefully all goes smoothly for her and she can enter into this next phase of life as peacefully as possible.

It was a good week to be there with her, albeit, I wish it was under different circumstances. We continue to pray for forgiveness and healing...most of all within ourselves.

This weekend will see us welcoming DH's parents for a quick visit. They are very excited to see us, most especially Pearl. I pray that she won't have a bad teething weekend. There is another on the bottom moving up.

Teething has been the bane of these past 7 months. When do kids get all their teeth? Does it hurt this much when the adult teeth come in? I hope that future babes don't have this rotten of a deal as Pearl has had.

Pearl-proofing in on pause as the cabinet locks I purchased do not work on our cabinets. Go figure! So that will have to wait until DH can find the right ones for our house later in the week.

I'm also looking for an entertainment center with doors for our TV and I would like it to have side pieces with shelves for books. I need to get the books out of Pearl reach!! I'm hoping to find something through Craigslist that will work for us.

I used to want to sling Pearl for the sweet bonding and attachment. Now I want to sling her to keep her out of mischief!!

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