Saturday, July 5, 2014

Prayer Request

 Our summer seems to be flying by; and it seems like the plans I had in my head are definitely not want God wants of us.  He has some other ideas.

  I had hoped to get us to a family reunion in MN this July.  A big trip, driving with our littles, but it hasn't come together and I was getting frustrated.

 However, this past week my Father-in-Law was diagnosed with colon cancer.  This, shortly after my my MIL retired from her teaching career and our summer plans can be adjusted as well.  So God and his timing...

I am so grateful that we have the time now to be present and available to my in laws.

Please keep Bob and our family in your prayers as we face this together.  Thank you.

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Jeni said...

Prayers definitely <3 I haven't read your blog in a while -- I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL. :(

<3 jeni