Friday, August 8, 2014

Returning Home

There is a lot to put in order now that we've returned home from our family visit.

My FIL is doing very well.  The mass was larger than expected but the scans and pathology report came back clean after the surgery.  That is amazing!  He still has an oncology consult but these are all good signs so far.  We continue to pray for his recovery and his comfort in the healing process.

Now at home, I am a "little" overwhelmed with what is on my shoulders to get done in the next few weeks.  Our own lesson plans along with the two co-op classes I teach.  Our pear tree is ready to be harvest for canning...only 160 more lbs. to go...

Trying to get the house in order, prepare for Pearl's 6th birthday, and manage these three little ones.  Little man is 4 months old today.  He is rolling from back to front and vice versa.  Lots of cooing and smiles now.  He seems huge, but we'll see just how big when we take him in for his check up at the end of the month.

Princess is working on potty training....sigh.  What a process with her.  Super strong willed and not wanting to do this.  But she will be 3 in October and I'd love for her to move forward and be able to stay daytime dry at least.  I must say the last week we've seen progress, but she fought me around Little Man's arrival.  A lot of changes and she wasn't ready to continue.  Hopefully we can get back on track.

Starting to plan out Fall and Winter travel plans as well....okay time to stop before I go into panic mode:)

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