Monday, February 16, 2015

Time flies

So I haven't blogged since  Well, I am stepping back in...or hoping to.  We'll see.

Lots happened in the Fall and this Winter. So busy.  Partly that brings me back here as I reassess to see what my priorities really are and what they need to be.

So a technology fast from certain screens (ie: facebook)

Many books to be read.

A RESTORE workshop to enter into.  Hurray!

Marian consecration to renew.

Yay Lent.  We are getting ready.  A calendar to prepare tomorrow. Mardi Gras masks to make.  Pancakes on the docket for dinner tomorrow.

A couple a of trips this month and then home for March.  Really looking forward to that.

Our school room is in chaos right now but we got new bookcases and a shelving piece to set up and organize.  I should take pics. Note to self.

But here are some recent pictures:)

fishing with Daddy

playing superhero

attending the 2015 March for Life in Washington D.C.

little man fell asleep on my shoulder.  The girls never did this.  It was a surreal moment.